benartzi [2 minutes ago] rojest: Exactly. Credit card integration is in the works. While the early blockchain adopters are critical to our project without a doubt (for many reasons), 99.9% of Bancor's future users currently don't hold crypto. They won't need to understand blockchain to use a Bancor token, let alone Ethereum. Their local or project token will be created by a "superuser". A superuser is the middle tier in a 3 tier ecosystem. Think Wordpress (platform -> blogger -> reader), or Reddit (platform -> Subreddit admin -> user), or Wikipedia, Youtube, etc. Bancor is a 3 tier user generated currency platform, on blockchain (starting with Ethereum) targeted at your typical Internet end user. Our goal is 1B users by the end of the decade.

indirekt geht auch hervor, dass sie in Zukunft nicht nur von Ethereum abhängig sein wollen. Eyul hat mir in nem AMA vor dem ICO mal ähnlich geantwortet...

(STARTING with Ethereum)

Gibt es eine schnelle lösung um ethereum per bank überweisung zu kaufen?

Das werden die meisten Da ethereum Proof of stake einführen möchte vor dem 01.11. dann ist bnt sowieso sinnlos