Hello to all, We've updated our website, whitepaper and Bitcointalk forum. Feedback and questions are welcomed. We have also launched our Bounty program inside the actual Bancor Web Service to help test out the MVP. You can access it here: https://app.bancor.network All Bounty tokens are now real Ethereum tokens and will use Smart token functionality to become intrinsically tradeable to BANCOR tokens at the end of the ICO (bounty) period. Website: https://bancor.network Web App: https://app.bancor.network Bitcointalk- https://goo.gl/VJmSrX

No need Indonesia translation?

Big up to the team 👏 platform is fully operational and looks amazing! Can't wait for communities to join in

Any social bounties.

Yes, we will have Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Medium under the Social bounty. They will be announced later this week. Let us know if there are others you recommend.

I run a website/blog

I could post an article on there aswell

I'm interested in it

Harraj M, you should then apply for the Content Creation bounty. That is different than the Social Media bounty.

Could you send me a link :)?

It took me several attempts to setup a profile on the website. I cant update my profile though. Anyone struggling as well?

Hi Sanders, our QA engineer will reach out to you to get more info on the problems you experienced and figure out what's going on...

Alright, thanks!

We are very happy to announce a partnership between @Bancor and @TokenCard to bring VISA debit payments to millions of future local/community currencies https://goo.gl/hVyAtN
If you want I've created an internationl TokenCard group here on telegram, https://t.me/TokenCard
Excited to announce our new partnership with @TokenCard to bring VISA debit card payments to any smart token created with the Bancor Protocol: https://www.reddit.com/r/ethtrader/comments/68tpo3/bancor_announces_partnership_with_tokencard_to/

Lincoln approves; Ithacash approves

What use will TKN actually have?

Other than avoiding a fee?

What use will TKN actually have?

The TKN card will allow bancor smart tokens to be accepted wherever VISA is accepted...ie stores, gas stations, ecommerce, etc.

But what about the token?

What use is that

TKN will support BANCOR. Thus, all Smart tokens using BANCOR as a reserve currency can be automatically converted to BANCOR (with no exchange or matching of parties in a bid/ask model) and used wherever VISA is accepted.

Bancor bounty started?)

Guys this is huge

So let me see if I get it right: I complete certain tasks to earn tokens Tokens then can be converted to Bancor currency ( or ether?)

If so, what is the equivalence? How many token is one ether? ( or bancor coint)?

Please refer to the ABOUT section in each Bounty program's community page (https://app.bancor.network). It is clearly detailed there. But in a nutshell, take the translation bounty. It is collectively worth 0.2% of all the BANCOR issued at the ICO. Each translation item earns different amounts of Bancor Lingo Tokens (BNCLNG), the Bancor bounty translation token, as detailed in the Translation section. At the end of the ICO, 0.2% of all the BANCOR will be inserted into the BNCLNG "Reserve" with a 100% CRR (Constant Reserve Ratio, learn more about this by reading the whitepaper: https://t.co/PT3Z66ElOy). You can then convert your BNCLNG to BANCOR. You can also trade your BNCLNG as this is a real, live Ethereum token. Just as an example, if there are 10,000 BNCLNG and 1,000 BANCOR tokens in its reserve, the ratio will be 10 BNCLNG to 1 BANCOR token. This is actually the first live example of a Smart token. It is intrinsically tradeable. We are piloting it with our Bounty program and will in the near future make this available to ANY bounty program. It is the first of many use cases for Smart tokens.


but the emojis convinced me

Nor what we'll see