The rich gets richer. It seems i won't get any eth even i have some bnt.😥

Yes sir. I am still computing as of now.

Because i saw the top 1 with 3m usd of bnt held.

Francis Nakamoto |
I think those are yours and the team

I can tell you for sure that they're not mine. As for the rest, due to the semi anonymous nature of blockchains, we can't really tell what address belongs to who unless the owner wishes to be known

Want to know about bancor
You can start via the pinned message here! let us know if you have any questions
Announcing a new Bancor Roadmap to encourage more liquidity, more devs building on Bancor & more community governance:💧 Liquidity pool airdrop to $BNT holders🏗 $BNT upgrade 💰 Grants program👩‍🎨 Self-service token creation for content creatorsMore: 🛣

HelloWhat's the minimum gas fee for converting erc20/token?Because I keep encountering "insufficient gas fee error" while I have ether in my wallet

Bancor best coin. If I was a girl, id be a fan girl. Thanks.

Hello, is there a problem with the site at the moment?

Hello, is there a problem with the site at the moment?

this is the first report, ill check, try another browser in the meantime please

tried two browsers and two different tokens - i get the oh no sorry something went wrong message

and i'm fairly certain some others are having problems too as an arb that should close isn't closing :D

That's for MRPH in case it helps to know...

Hey anyone having problems with bancor not loading the private keys?

My bancor site just keeps asking for the clicking of cars and stoplights to make sure I'm not a bot but wont load my wallet ballance

Bntpeos can only be stored on bancor wallet

Please make your site work so I can use my private keys to retrieve my funds.

Its been refreshing trying to load for 3 days

And I've tried 4 different pc and 2 phones

Admin Jonny in-line ?

@obsAmaZix admin please let me know what can be done. Why this is happening.

Hi Mustapha, welcome to Bancor 🙂

Joshua AmaZix
Thanks @Outlaw_Torn. We'll take a look

Pls let me know if/when it's fixed so I can try to trade again...

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