Step G
why conversion charges very high 🙄🙄

Hi there Step, that's a good question. The conversions on Bancor are rather computationally intense. It is not just a simple buy/sell. So the gas price is higher to ensure a quick transaction and make sure it executes. We generally recommend 0.02 ETH for each transaction under normal market conditions. This does not mean the whole amount will be consumed every time. It's also important to note that Bancor takes no piece of these fees, they are gas fees on the Ethereum Network.

Does bancor have fees?

Bancor doesn't charge a fee. Gas is required for transactions on the Ethereum network

Gas is required for Ethereum transactions. When you don't have enough (normally ~0.02 ETH), you'll see that message.

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Step G
Honestly conversion charges is very cost 🤦‍♂🙄

Hey Step, those are fees for miners on the Ethereum network. You might look into requirements for EOS transactions, which Bancor allows you to begin for free, by providing your initial resources.

hello why i cant convert emco to ethereum

I'm afraid that setting an order with 1 BAT would be ridiculously low. Bancor does not take any fees. But, you have to pay gas fees for processing the transaction on the ethereum blockchain. Please, find developer and API tools here with detailed information, you are free to reach out to [email protected] for specific queries.

John Williamson 🇦🇺
Trading on bancor, other than gas fees, has no fees?

Hey John, that is correct. Bancor itself does not have any fees and these charges are issued by miners on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ted Graham
And the 12 words are less intimidating to new users...12 words are like Apple IPhone IOS and private keys are like Android OS

I think that’s the point here. Lets new users hold Ethereum and eos tokens in a single private wallet and simply access all funds using 12 words (if needed).

Hello, do you have any plans to integrate more networks than EOS and Ethereum?

Did you catch this tweet:"Last week we celebrated our integration with Bancor! 🔥 We've also shared more content including video tutorial on using Bancor+Fortmatic to convert assets across Ethereum and EOSIO, and ways we can help grow the DeFi ecosystem! 🌲"Check it out here:
How many users per 24 hours on average use the Bancor Ethereum dapp? This post suggests less than 300 users!

The Bancor Protocol enables high liquidity for Ethereum-based tokens, regardless of trade volume and without relying on exchanges or market makers.The Bancor Protocol enables automatic price determination and an autonomous liquidity mechanism for tokens on smart contract blockchains. It is an entirely new player in this ecosystem.

Franky X
@EyeOfTheBehodler do you know of Bancor is accepting the sense token after their swap to Sense mainnet. They are not erc20 anymore

Currently Bancor supports the Ethereum blockchain and the EOS blockchain. There are plans to add more in the future, but there has been no indication what blockchains are coming next.

Are there plans to do so

Bancor has already integrated with the Ethereum and EOS blockchains, and there are plans to add more. But there has been no specific details given regarding which blockchain will be next, and when that will take place.Bitcoin is a possibility in the future but there is no word yet on if/when that will be.

Aminu Dankawu
Why bitcoin not available in bancor

This could be a cross chain in the future. But as of right now, Bancor network spans ERC20 (ethereum) and EOS blockchains.

Can I change coin to btc using your platform or only erc20 token

Hi there, this is something that is possible. However, right now, Ethereum and EOS are live.

Jo Je
I tried converting didnt work..i registered with another exchange just to temporarily draw out my token into eth so i can send it back into bancor but it seems the address is not being recognised

You might be dealing with coins that wouldn't be compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. I'd suggest that you read up on where in the process KIN's migration is, and ask their team any questions that you have.

Olivia Esther
So what going on here ?
There's a lot going on! If you're new to Bancor, you might first visit, where you can convert any of 150+ tokens on EOS or Ethereum for each other. You can also take a look at this recent release on staking: the pinned message for a whole lot more. And be sure to let us know if you have any questions!