@CryptoGermany just in case we have German speaking people here who wants to chat in native language - thanks!

на разгомная статья Свободный рынок просто дал 150 миллионов долларов тому, как мы обнаружили, на практике даже не работали в бета-версии Augur

Просто многие держатели бнт думают что ничем не рискуют, так как у банкора есть резерв, и этот резерв в любом случае и всегда гарантирует 1 етн за 100 бнт, или даже больше, но уж точно никак не меньше! Думаю вам нужно или подтвердить это или опровергнуть @CryptoSky @levsha256 @AUruHM

Guy @ Bancor: Sure. The GNO-BNT token changer has finished the dev phase. It is undergoing rigorous testing. Remember that once it works, it is basically copy/paste to do the others, requiring only changing the properties during creation (instead of GNO, using DGD for example, hint hint). We expect this process to not take much longer. However there are additional considerations that might effect timing, namely: 1. UX. As you know, the front-end still needs more development (particularly the security related aspects of using HTML/browser). This raises the question about how to best release the token changer in the meantime using a more complex buying and selling process (as with BNT). This is our current direction although I can hear the complaints already... Bancor needs to make a dead simple interface for everyday people! Yes, we know ;) 2. Legal. We must complete a legal review regarding the correct methodology of launching the token changer as unlike the BNT fundraiser, there is even more sensitivity around this deployment from a regulatory perspective. The good news again here is that when we get the green light it applies to all the token changers and likely the token baskets as well. We will keep you all posted. We are moving on this as fast as possible as like you all, we are excited that these token changers will provide the first real world use case (utility) for the token, a rarity in the current crypto landscape.

@CryptoSky , @levsha256 хорошо, что вы есть

Having said that we can divide our project in to a few verticals: 1. Token changers: once deployed, these should be marketed to the crypto community as its more comparable to a B2B product. It saves you money. Once deployed we will run an aggressive marketing campaign later this Summer.

5. Index funds: Discussions have started with various financial institutions around launching token baskets. We are focusing on both crypto businesses as well as non crypto mainstream financial entities considering asset tokenization.

Кстати, они должны сегодня начать краудсейл и скорее всего и завершить

в эсплорере висят всякие XENON, Cryptonex (CNX), JOM

а что за Cryptonex (CNX) был переведен в кошель майезервалет (транза отражена в есерскане - но самих токенов в кошельке нет) - это тоже партнер банкора? на их оф сайте токен торнуется в районе 1,5$ (ебит)

A fiat to crypto bridge is planned for Q1 18, allowing users to purchase BNT with a credit card, and also to spend smart tokens on debit cards.

Любого модератора побеспокоить, при необходимости он перешлет разработчикам. Если не секрет, что за идея (может она уже ждет своей реализации)?
Кстати да, авось делают, а я не слышал. В общем есть новость, что хуавей и сирин лаб говорят о сотрудничестве. И в описании новости есть такая строчка: Sirin Labs plans for its phone to have an embedded cold storage crypto wallet and a system to automatically convert fiat money to the digital tokens needed to run different blockchain-based applications. Автоматическая конвертация - это как раз таки, под что заточен банкор. Было замечательно, если они это внедрили бы.
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Earlier today, at approximately 00:00 UTC, Bancor experienced a security breach. We take this incident very seriously. We are committing every resource to resolving it, getting the network back online and tracking down the criminals involved. The details of the breach are still being investigated, but we wanted to update the community with the facts that we have so far. A wallet used to upgrade some smart contracts was compromised. This compromised wallet was then used to withdraw ETH from the BNT smart contract in the amount of 24,984 ETH (~$12.5M). The same wallet also stole: 229,356,645 NPXS (~$1M) 3,200,000 BNT (~$10M) Once the theft was identified, we were able to freeze the stolen BNT, limiting the damage to the Bancor ecosystem from the theft. The ability to freeze tokens was built into the Bancor Protocol to be used in an extreme situation to recover from a security breach, allowing Bancor to effectively stop the thief from running away with the stolen tokens. It is not possible to freeze the ETH or any other stolen tokens. However, we are now working together with dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges to trace the stolen funds and make it more difficult for the thief to liquidate them. We will continue to post updates as and when appropriate on our Telegram channel and on Twitter. We appreciate your patience as we resolve this matter.

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