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I have been scam with EFOOD, ZKS AND ELET

If you have evidence of wrongdoings by any project that is integrated with Bancor, please reach out to the Bancor support staff at support.bancor.network. But casting aspersions that Bancor is a scam because of projects that independently integrated with Bancor is like saying that Ethereum foundation is a scam because scam projects made ERC20 tokens.


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If you have been excited about using the Bancor's new Community Staking on the Ethereum side, you will be happy to hear that it has been expanded to EOS! If you want to contribute to liquidity pools on Bancor, simply buy a Relay Token. http://ban.cr/staking
Bancor's novel "Community Staking" is coming to EOS! This is the first of it's kind on the EOS blockchain, and allows users to provide liquidity for their favorite tokens in return for a small fee. Check out the article for full details: https://decrypt.co/8378/bancor-adds-liquidity-staking-eos
Did you know you can lend your idle EOSDT to Bancor and earn?Check out this tweet: https://twitter.com/Bancor/status/1162045700286406658

What happened to the bancor price?

marketcap.one integration of Bancor provides data for 20 EOS-based tokens on Bancor.Network including $PIXEOS, $IQ, $HVT, $EMT & $KARMA. Check it out: https://twitter.com/Bancor/status/1162295439938506752
EOS Weekly did a simple explainer on what Bancor is and how it works. Check it out below!https://twitter.com/Bancor/status/1162786218855337985

Why price go down ?

Why price go down ?
Hi MARKET MAKER! Prices on Bancor are set algorithmically, based on people converting that token. Here's a article that details how this works: https://support.bancor.network/hc/en-us/articles/360000503372-How-does-automatic-pricing-work-

I lost money with bnt, and i dont think why price only go down, i hold it 2 years, in eth -x5, usd -x10

Binance trading volume 2 btc only

Binance trading volume 2 btc only

You can always get BNT with continuous liquidity on Bancor's own website: https://www.bancor.network/

I’d keep holding, the Protocol is still evolving

what should happen to be growth? in faq it is abstrusely written about pricing

what should happen to be growth? in faq it is abstrusely written about pricing

The network grows as more tokens are added to it. Currently Bancor has just above 140 tokens

Effective today, BABB (BAX) will be removed from the Bancor Network.

Why Bancor network doesn’t work?

Bancor site is not working again

Albert Mirmann
Why Bancor network doesn’t work?

Thanks for letting us know about this. The team are looking into it @Sufy65 🙏

Babb (BAX) has been removed from the Bancor Network.

Did you know there are more ways to use Bancor? You can try using Fortmatic, Ledger, Trezor, Metamask, or Scatter! Try it out: https://twitter.com/Bancor/status/1163118434160467970
EOS Detroit CEO endorses Bancor's local currency efforts!See what he has to say on the matter: https://twitter.com/Bancor/status/1163144093679140864

Does anyone in here think that the staking system which they released could affect the price somehow positively?

.... In the long run I believe so

Hey Bancor friends 👋 I hope you are having a good start to the week! Check out the Newsweek article by Galia Benartzi on How to (re)make money 🔍This is Money 3.0—and it will forever change the landscape of human collaboration, just as Money 2.0 and Money 1.0 did before it.After all, humans invented money. We can now reinvent it so that it works for us, and not the other way around.
Did you know that BATBNT is currently the most popular Relay Token on Bancor? https://twitter.com/Bancor/status/1163362744432828416?s=20Check it out and let us know which Relay Tokens you will be purchasing!
Did you know that Bancor is hiring? Be sure to reach out if you fill the requirements!https://twitter.com/Bancor/status/1163480869052571649
Dapp.com have just covered the launch of Community Staking! Create the best art showing "Community-Driven Liquidity" to win Dapp.com's Creative Contest!Make sure to like, comment, and retweet and enter for your chance of winning tokens 😎Are you participating in Community Staking already? What tokens are you interested in Staking?
Welcome to Bancor, let us know if you have any questions 🍀Looking for a job?Did you know that Bancor is hiring? Be sure to reach out if you fill the requirements!https://twitter.com/Bancor/status/1163480869052571649
The ability of building upon Bancor is one of the biggest highlights of the protocol itself. Libera is one of these services that do just that! Check it out below:https://twitter.com/Bancor/status/1163819822674665476?s=20