Imagne bitcoin going from 34k to 36k.... thats a big rise


Sozz guysss 😘😘😘

If bitcoin was 36k than cost 3.6k$)))

-x10 thank bancor team xD

Ico price was when eth was like $300 usd... now its +/- $180... bur bnt 0.36$ 😆

They added hunderds of tokens

But nothing happend

And also increased supply lol

I wait 2 years, wait more

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Kuende (KUE) has been removed from the Bancor Network.

Hello kind sirs, when moon?

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I wait 2 years, wait more

U're not the only one waiting....tbh I honor the work of the team because they released fast and proper.....but I complain about the fact that they don't care about the small holders....they sold this token to everyone ...but didn't do anything for the holders....that a new coin has to stake bnt when it's listed has to be a bad joke....if this would be so.....the price should have to be higher

....much higher

Instead I see a rising bnt supply

Still 20 groups

lol Han.! hows it going? bnt is legit the best

Shouldn't have post the link to the lamden trader group 🤦🏽‍♂️