hey... and 'unemployed millionaire' just joined the Bancor Protocol group... so that means we're going to be fine 😂

Would you mind clarifying what you mean about it's historical timing?

I can't help thinking of the John Cleese show Faulty tower's now: "Don't mention the war!" comment as I believe Bancor is operating with a humble and intelligently packed perfection and focus on the positive tech and implications. There is, however, a historical context that is rather compliacated and far from beneficial for most people in its current and historical setup. On the positive side, with our current overleveraged world and bankrupted governements a lot of the disorganized masses are starting to wake up and realize something is not optimal. In this historical context Bancor's entry is nothing short of beautiful :)

My top 5 are nem lisk strat bqx ltc

I wouldn't recommend my enemy to buy it